Obama IS Above the Law

swastika1Get used to it. Obama is above the law. His administration is above the law. Welcome to the new generation of elites that we will be subjected to for the next 4 years and most likely for the rest of our lives.

This is by far the most corrupt administration to have ever occupied Washington in my lifetime, perhaps ever. The list continues to grow. It wasn’t enough that Timothy Geitner was confirmed as Treasury Secretary, although he somehow “forgot” to pay some $43,000 in back taxes and penalties. He’s above the law. The latest is good ol’ boy and former senator Tom Daschle, about to be confirmed as health and human services secretary, somehow “forgot” to pay about $140,000 in back taxes. Yet, the Senate Democrats are making nothing but excuses for him.

This is the “change that we can believe in”?

You or I could try to get away with some of the so called “common mistakes” that Obama and his staff have committed. But I doubt that we would get too far. You see, we are NOT above the law. We would have our assets sequestered. We would be brought up on criminal charges. We would be subject to the corrections facilities if we didn’t comply. They are the elite. They are above the law.

The new administration is lining the walls with tax cheats, communists, terrorists, and unanswered constitutional issues. To make matters even worse, Obama & company is laughing their ass off at us peasants in the real world. The $819 Billion dollar “rescue” package is nothing more that settling debts to the wacko left organizations that got him elected. This includes the unions, the greenies, and the racist voter-fraud organization ACORN. ACORN is reported to get some $4 Billion in the latest package. Doesn’t that make you feel secure?

How many people even realize that this is $819 billion ON TOP of the $700 billion dollar rescue package that was suppose to fix everything this past fall? Wasn’t that going to “fix” everything? Don’t you feel better now? If not, Obama has already promised to add about $1 TRILLION in these “rescue” packages each year indefinitely.

Wow, wow, wow! Say it together now: HOPE! CHANGE! HOPE! CHANGE! Now that’s some funny shit! Come on, especially you middle aged white guys. Wuz-suh-matter? Are you a racist or something? If you question the one, you must be a racist. He is black, you know… At least he’s half black, or something like that. He’s a person of the world, with American-Kenyan bloodlines and dual British-American citizenship. This is a first in an American President and you will be happy about it.

Get on the hope & change bandwagon and give Obama a chance. Give him a chance to destroy everything that has made this country great. Give him a chance to sit down face to face so that he can make friends with Ahmadinejad and Chavez. The world will love us again. Give him a chance to weaken our military making sure that we are no longer in charge of solving the world’s silly problems. Leave that messy stuff to Russia and China. Give him a chance to organize a new constitutional convention to revise the archaic and outdated constitution since he sees it as being fundamentally flawed. Give him a chance to fix the problems caused by socialistic policies by implementing more socialistic policies. Be proud to be a subject of the USSA! Hope for his success! Hope for change!

Three words – Fuck that shit!


I might have started off with “Is society getting ruder or what?” but instead will start my rant with a statement rather than a question.

As society de-evolves towards the dumb and dumber, I find my intelligence (what little I have left) being assaulted more and more each day.

Doesn’t the condescending nature of this drive-thru monstrosity just piss you off?

Macdonalds' drive thru sign

McDonald's Drive Thru Message

I guess it’s the “all caps” nature of the message that really rubs me. Didn’t we all learn about 7 or 8 years ago not to post an email or chat message like a seething AOLer with ALL CAPS? Isn’t that SHOUTING?

And, adding further insult to injury, in this torid little fantasy, where a screen THAT SCREAMS “accuracy and prompt service” can literally promise or deliver neither, as if some electronic screen will somehow keep the morons in the back from playing hockey with the frozen hamburger patties, or taking a bath in the sink at your favorite fast food restaurant.

For all its technological genius, they forgot to throw in some manners.

And this is all indicative by the rising levels of coarseness I see in society, where people are less and less apt to hold the door for you, and if you hold the door for them they can’t find the energy to at least grunt a sound that sounds close enough to a ‘thank you.’.

Have you noticed at the grocery store that people will suffer silently waiting forever while some rude asshole takes up the entire shopping lane with their cart, and makes no attempt to move out of the way. I don’t know which is worse, the asshole or the silent sheep who just stand there watching, never uttering a sound.  It all gets back to whether your parents taught you some fucking manners.

How about you morons who wanna clog traffic while you drive slow, block traffic in some pharmacuetically induced haze from whatever the doctor gave you, or yakking on your phone disregarding the fact that there are several thousand people behind you who need to get to where they are going. Get the fuck out of the way! And don’t get all indignant when people honk their horn at you.

It’s an infectious attitude in our society that has people deciding that no one else matters, that their own personal sense of entitlement matters more than being considerate or courteous to their fellow man. After all,  “fuck ’em” you say, because no one cares about you either, so you may as well get yours.

“Yeah but I’m minding my own business” you say. That’s part of the problem. While you tool along ignoring everyone around you, thinking that by driving slow and ignoring everyone around you that you are “just being a safe driver” all the while clogging traffic, and positioning yourself just slow enough, or just parallel to other vehicles such that no one can get around you – and after all,  “I’m just minding my own business”.  Fuck you.

Now get the fuck out of the way, I have to get around you and get to where I’m going, and I’m tired of watching you fuck up every available oppotunity to keep up with traffic and drive right. It’s all about me and my mission to get to work, and I sense you’re deliberately trying to make me late.

Miami driver "keepin it real"

Photo by IDFC Miami: Actual photo of Miami driver "keepin it real"

Putting Politics Aside

Now that the Democrats own the executive legislative branches of government, it appears that I am hearing something that is very reminiscent of 8 years ago – the idea of putting politics aside. I think the phrase then was, “can’t we all just get along?”

Obama, “The One”, the messiah, the prophet of change, is asking Republicans to keep politics at a minimum for the sake of the latest $830 billion dollar stimulus package. Maybe we should call it instead the $830-billion-dollar-neo-socialist-bailout-some-more-losers package.

Father & Son on Fishing Vacation in New Orleans

Father & Son on Fishing Vacation in New Orleans

For 8 years we heard “Bush was selected, not elected”. For 7.5 years we heard, “Bush lied, people died”. For 6 years we heard about Bush’s unjust, unconstitutional war – the same one that congress signed on for. For the same length of time we heard the continuing drumbeat of, “Where’s the WMD’s?” I guess that sarin gas stockpiles didn’t really count, nor did the tons of unrefined yellowcake that was found and kept out of the press. How about, “Bush is an idiot”. Movies were made to discount him and advocate his assassination. Saturday Night Live skits and John Stewart jokes – not in good taste – made the Dems pee themselves laughing. All of this occurred during a time of war. Daily body counts were displayed on the headlines. Any success that may have been declared was discounted and/or kept out of the public view. Through all of this, the country did not suffer any new attacks on our soil following the worst one since Pearl Harbor.

Now that the anointed one is in charge, he wants to put all of that aside. I don’t think so. The Democrats own the show now. Anything bad that happens is their fault. Anything good that happens is dumb luck. Like it or not, in Washington, politics is the name of the game. Getting along is something 7 year-olds do when they’re on a playground.

I think that the GOP congressmen should fight, scratch, kick, claw, filibuster, and pull every dirty trick out of the book to keep this country from slipping into the abyss of neo-socialism. When a Dem slips up and embarrasses himself personally, make sure that you expose and tie everyone around him for the disgusting piece of pig clap that he is.

The press may hate you for this. You may not get invited to the cool parties. Liberals will say nasty things about you. But you may find that if you stick to your conservative principles, you may just get re-elected. Along the way, keep your nose clean and do your job.

The Republicans in congress need to do the job that they were hired to do. If they can’t take the heat, then maybe they need to consider switching parties.

And when Obama comes around with these silly notions of “compromise”, laugh and tell him that you are doing just that, in the same spirit of Washington that they, the Democrats, created and own.

Israel delcared a ceasefire on January 17, 2009 stating its objective to stop militant rocket fire into Israel had been fulfilled.  Hamas declared its ceasefire the following day ordering Israel to open all crossings into Gaza and end its 18 month blockade within 2 weeks.

Today… Hamas, in their infinite wisdom, decide to take another shot at Israel.  A bomb was set off near Khan Younis in Southern Gaza killing one Israeli soldier and wounding 3 others.

Guess what Israels response was…

20 tanks and 7 army bulldozers.  You would think that after the last ass wooping, 1300 Palestinian’s vs 14 Israeli’s, they would have figured it out. 

Although Hamas have been involved with the Palestinians since 1987, Hamas has been governing the Gaza portion of the Palestinian territories since June of 2007.  Granted a large portion of Hamas’s resources are spent on social, welfare, cultural and educational services and the establishment of hospitals, schools and libraries.  We cannot forget the fact the Hamas’s charter calls for the destruction of the state of Israel.  WTF


Your charter seems to be killing a lot of people, your people.  You claim victory simply because Israel stopped shooting, so that means because you didn’t lose – you win.  I’m sure there is a logic there somewhere.

Palestinians… Do yourself a favor, Kick Hamas the fuck out.

obama-oathA lot of disinformation has been spread about these cases in the recent past. Anyone who may question Obama is deemed to be in the same category as a tin foil hat nut – someone who might have had a Bigfoot locked up in their basement, until it broke loose and got away – or a conspiracy theorist that believes that the government is working in conjunction with alien grays to take over society. I take offense to that.

I don’t see how asking a presidential candidate to provide valid documentation about who they are and where they come from should be viewed as lunacy. I see that as common sense, especially when it deals with holding the highest office in the land. Lunacy would be accepting him at his word, with no proof given his hidden past and personal associations. Even bigger lunacy is that there is not one government branch that has taken ownership of vetting presidential candidates. Popular or not, politically correct or not, this should have been dealt with long before he ever put his name on the primary ballot. Shame on the DNC for not following through. Shame on Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Howard Dean, every Secretary of State, former VP Cheney for the same. And shame on the entire Congress for not doing their jobs and protecting us from this disaster.

Had Obama presented evidentiary material up front and had all of this been done voluntarily, the SCOTUS would not need to be involved. Once the SCOTUS has dealt with it and decides, we should let the cards fall where they may.

The MSM is so desperately in love with the notion of an African-American being President that they have not adequately vetted him for this position. It would seem to them that this pesky constitution thing is so 1790’s. Should the press had seen a similar situation with a Republican candidate you had better believe whoever would have been roasted alive on this issue once they achieved the nomination. As a matter of fact, much was brought about regarding John McCain’s natural born status early in 2008 because although he was born to two US citizens, his birthplace was in Panama and not on US soil. The senate, in a bill sponsored by none other than Obama and Clinton, passed a resolution to say that as far as they were concerned, McCain was a Natural Born citizen. How convenient, yet still unconstitutional!

Article 2 of the Constitution states that although US senators must be citizens, the president and vice president must be natural born citizens. Article 2 is also the only place in the constitution that the term “natural born” is referenced. At the time that the Constitution was drafted, the only legal reference that has been sited was “The Law of Nations” published in 1758 which states that “a natural born citizen is born on the soil of a country who’s parents are citizens”. Further, the principal author of the 14th Amendment which defines citizenship, Rep. John Bingham, stated the following: “every human being born within the jurisdiction of the United States of parents not owing allegiance to any foreign sovereignty is, in the language of your Constitution itself, a natural born citizen.” (Cong. Globe, 39th, 1st Sess., 1291 (1866))”. However, no where in the actual wording of the 14th Amendment does it define “natural born”. Those two words were purposely omitted. In other words, US citizenship status may be achieved by being born on US soil. It is not just your place of birth that grants you natural born status. This unique attribute requires consideration of the citizenship of your parents also. Given the intent of the framer of this amendment, Obama would not meet the requirement.

The birth certificate, travel records, and college records are merely distractions. They could, however, cast an iron-clad case regarding his citizenship status that would, without dispute, put an end to this mess making it a little less uncomfortable explaining to the masses why someone so popular must be removed from office. Even then, I believe that the Obama loyalist would pitch a fit and want Article II revised retroactively or ignored as being outdated & old fashioned. But it doesn’t work that way.

The Constitution was not put into place for government or the people to pick and chose what parts they want to follow depending on when it’s convenient or not. It was put into place for the citizens to protect them from government. The Justice department was put into pace to ensure that those protections are followed through. The idea that a citizen would lack standing is just plain stupid. If you Obama loyalist really feel that Article II is old fashioned, it can be changed/modified/eliminated, but not retroactively and not for the sake of one man’s popularity.

Regarding the cries for the need of leadership: Is this really what you want or is this just another way of saying, “I want my socialism and I want it now, no matter what the cost!”? This type of attitude makes me sick. The greatness of this country was built on a foundation of laws, not men. Yes, the Constitution of the United States IS that important. The idea that we might abandon this founding principle for the sake of one man’s accent scares the hell out of me. Your idea of leadership is the main ingredient of what cults are made from.

Should the SCOTUS actually review this case or any of the others mean that it’s over for Obama? Not necessarily. The SCOTUS could get creative and somehow deem him an Article II natural born citizen. How they might come to that conclusion is beyond me given his dual citizenship at birth. Should they take such an action, it will be precedence that we will have to live with for years after. But whatever they do decide, it will be what it is. We as a nation will need to live with the results.

But if they did give him an adverse ruling and he did lose his job, maybe he can move in with his half brother in Kenya, at least while he gets back on his feet.

“Mark it ZERO!”

From time to time I pull out the DVD of “Big Lebowski” for an entertaining view of life. Great movie, it was $14.95 last I checked.


Walter Sobchak (John Goodman), reprimands Donny (Steve Bucemi) "Forget it, Donny, you're out of your element!"

One of my favorite characters in the movie is “Walter Sobchak” as played by John Goodman. Walter has never really come home from his tour in Viet Nam, an experience that left an indelible mark on his life, such that everything in life somehow relates to the merits being judged by the death of his comrades “who died face down in the mud”.

Walter, at first glance is “that Viet Nam War nut” – but Walter assures us that he too “once dabbled in pacifism“, but that the experience of war, and the death of his comrades has shown him that pacifism only gets you so far, that ultimately, a strong opinion must be backed up by force.


Smoky (Jimmie Dale Gilmore) is confronted by Walter (John Goodman) "MARK IT ZERO!"

The comedy in this movie though is that Walter doesn’t always know when to stop. However, it might not be a good idea to pull a gun in a bowling alley.  However, I always admired Walter’s character in that he stood up and spoke what he believed, and didn’t just allow the truth to get brushed aside.  He really believed Smoky was “over the line” and was adamant about standing up for what he believes.

Walter epitomizes the spirit of The IDFC.

P.S. Check out this Rolling Stone interview with Steve Buscemi:


What’s it going take before Israeli haters learn to not fuck with the Jews?  Hezbollah (Hizbullah) tried and lost 1,100 people and about one third of their host country.  But I forget… They claimed victory!  After all they did kill about 100 Israeli’s.  I’m not sure who’s keeping score, maybe it’s the same bean counters used in the Minnesota Senate election.  Hamas, of course, having a close relationship with their brothers to the north decide to take their best shot at destroying Israel.

Over 1,000 Palestinians have been killed over what I believe was a poor decision by Palestinian leaders to allow Hamas to continue operating unabated in the West Bank.  I’m sure that by radical Islamic fundamentalist organizational standards Hamas is wining.  Let’s take a look at Darfur.  Over 200,000 people killed and 2.5 million people displaced. Has anyone noticed Arabs killing Arabs?  Have one Jew kill an Arab and “Holy Shit” let’s have a “Holy War”

Here’s a look at the heroes of the Middle East.


• Muslim terrorist group that opposes the West and Israel, and seeks to create a Muslim fundamentalist state modeled on Iran

• Receives aid from Iran and Syria

• States that it “sees no legitimacy for the existence of ‘Israel’


• Islamic terrorist group founded in 1987

• Received funding from Saddam Hussein

• Receives funding from Iran

• Responsible for many suicide bombings and terrorist acts against Israeli targets

The fact that innocent people are dying for what someone else believes is a just cause is horrific, but that’s what war is “Horrific”.  Until we can decide as a human race to let others believe what they will and pray to who ever they choose and not feel the need to kill them because of what they believe in then we must accept the fact that these events will take place.

The bottom line is “I don’t fucking care” what happens these extremist factions.  If you’re going to instigate a conflict with a group of individuals then you must reap what you sew.  The U.S. could learn from Israel what it means to destroy your enemies.