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I might have started off with “Is society getting ruder or what?” but instead will start my rant with a statement rather than a question.

As society de-evolves towards the dumb and dumber, I find my intelligence (what little I have left) being assaulted more and more each day.

Doesn’t the condescending nature of this drive-thru monstrosity just piss you off?

Macdonalds' drive thru sign

McDonald's Drive Thru Message

I guess it’s the “all caps” nature of the message that really rubs me. Didn’t we all learn about 7 or 8 years ago not to post an email or chat message like a seething AOLer with ALL CAPS? Isn’t that SHOUTING?

And, adding further insult to injury, in this torid little fantasy, where a screen THAT SCREAMS “accuracy and prompt service” can literally promise or deliver neither, as if some electronic screen will somehow keep the morons in the back from playing hockey with the frozen hamburger patties, or taking a bath in the sink at your favorite fast food restaurant.

For all its technological genius, they forgot to throw in some manners.

And this is all indicative by the rising levels of coarseness I see in society, where people are less and less apt to hold the door for you, and if you hold the door for them they can’t find the energy to at least grunt a sound that sounds close enough to a ‘thank you.’.

Have you noticed at the grocery store that people will suffer silently waiting forever while some rude asshole takes up the entire shopping lane with their cart, and makes no attempt to move out of the way. I don’t know which is worse, the asshole or the silent sheep who just stand there watching, never uttering a sound.  It all gets back to whether your parents taught you some fucking manners.

How about you morons who wanna clog traffic while you drive slow, block traffic in some pharmacuetically induced haze from whatever the doctor gave you, or yakking on your phone disregarding the fact that there are several thousand people behind you who need to get to where they are going. Get the fuck out of the way! And don’t get all indignant when people honk their horn at you.

It’s an infectious attitude in our society that has people deciding that no one else matters, that their own personal sense of entitlement matters more than being considerate or courteous to their fellow man. After all,  “fuck ’em” you say, because no one cares about you either, so you may as well get yours.

“Yeah but I’m minding my own business” you say. That’s part of the problem. While you tool along ignoring everyone around you, thinking that by driving slow and ignoring everyone around you that you are “just being a safe driver” all the while clogging traffic, and positioning yourself just slow enough, or just parallel to other vehicles such that no one can get around you – and after all,  “I’m just minding my own business”.  Fuck you.

Now get the fuck out of the way, I have to get around you and get to where I’m going, and I’m tired of watching you fuck up every available oppotunity to keep up with traffic and drive right. It’s all about me and my mission to get to work, and I sense you’re deliberately trying to make me late.

Miami driver "keepin it real"

Photo by IDFC Miami: Actual photo of Miami driver "keepin it real"


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