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Now that the Democrats own the executive legislative branches of government, it appears that I am hearing something that is very reminiscent of 8 years ago – the idea of putting politics aside. I think the phrase then was, “can’t we all just get along?”

Obama, “The One”, the messiah, the prophet of change, is asking Republicans to keep politics at a minimum for the sake of the latest $830 billion dollar stimulus package. Maybe we should call it instead the $830-billion-dollar-neo-socialist-bailout-some-more-losers package.

Father & Son on Fishing Vacation in New Orleans

Father & Son on Fishing Vacation in New Orleans

For 8 years we heard “Bush was selected, not elected”. For 7.5 years we heard, “Bush lied, people died”. For 6 years we heard about Bush’s unjust, unconstitutional war – the same one that congress signed on for. For the same length of time we heard the continuing drumbeat of, “Where’s the WMD’s?” I guess that sarin gas stockpiles didn’t really count, nor did the tons of unrefined yellowcake that was found and kept out of the press. How about, “Bush is an idiot”. Movies were made to discount him and advocate his assassination. Saturday Night Live skits and John Stewart jokes – not in good taste – made the Dems pee themselves laughing. All of this occurred during a time of war. Daily body counts were displayed on the headlines. Any success that may have been declared was discounted and/or kept out of the public view. Through all of this, the country did not suffer any new attacks on our soil following the worst one since Pearl Harbor.

Now that the anointed one is in charge, he wants to put all of that aside. I don’t think so. The Democrats own the show now. Anything bad that happens is their fault. Anything good that happens is dumb luck. Like it or not, in Washington, politics is the name of the game. Getting along is something 7 year-olds do when they’re on a playground.

I think that the GOP congressmen should fight, scratch, kick, claw, filibuster, and pull every dirty trick out of the book to keep this country from slipping into the abyss of neo-socialism. When a Dem slips up and embarrasses himself personally, make sure that you expose and tie everyone around him for the disgusting piece of pig clap that he is.

The press may hate you for this. You may not get invited to the cool parties. Liberals will say nasty things about you. But you may find that if you stick to your conservative principles, you may just get re-elected. Along the way, keep your nose clean and do your job.

The Republicans in congress need to do the job that they were hired to do. If they can’t take the heat, then maybe they need to consider switching parties.

And when Obama comes around with these silly notions of “compromise”, laugh and tell him that you are doing just that, in the same spirit of Washington that they, the Democrats, created and own.


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