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obama-oathA lot of disinformation has been spread about these cases in the recent past. Anyone who may question Obama is deemed to be in the same category as a tin foil hat nut – someone who might have had a Bigfoot locked up in their basement, until it broke loose and got away – or a conspiracy theorist that believes that the government is working in conjunction with alien grays to take over society. I take offense to that.

I don’t see how asking a presidential candidate to provide valid documentation about who they are and where they come from should be viewed as lunacy. I see that as common sense, especially when it deals with holding the highest office in the land. Lunacy would be accepting him at his word, with no proof given his hidden past and personal associations. Even bigger lunacy is that there is not one government branch that has taken ownership of vetting presidential candidates. Popular or not, politically correct or not, this should have been dealt with long before he ever put his name on the primary ballot. Shame on the DNC for not following through. Shame on Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Howard Dean, every Secretary of State, former VP Cheney for the same. And shame on the entire Congress for not doing their jobs and protecting us from this disaster.

Had Obama presented evidentiary material up front and had all of this been done voluntarily, the SCOTUS would not need to be involved. Once the SCOTUS has dealt with it and decides, we should let the cards fall where they may.

The MSM is so desperately in love with the notion of an African-American being President that they have not adequately vetted him for this position. It would seem to them that this pesky constitution thing is so 1790’s. Should the press had seen a similar situation with a Republican candidate you had better believe whoever would have been roasted alive on this issue once they achieved the nomination. As a matter of fact, much was brought about regarding John McCain’s natural born status early in 2008 because although he was born to two US citizens, his birthplace was in Panama and not on US soil. The senate, in a bill sponsored by none other than Obama and Clinton, passed a resolution to say that as far as they were concerned, McCain was a Natural Born citizen. How convenient, yet still unconstitutional!

Article 2 of the Constitution states that although US senators must be citizens, the president and vice president must be natural born citizens. Article 2 is also the only place in the constitution that the term “natural born” is referenced. At the time that the Constitution was drafted, the only legal reference that has been sited was “The Law of Nations” published in 1758 which states that “a natural born citizen is born on the soil of a country who’s parents are citizens”. Further, the principal author of the 14th Amendment which defines citizenship, Rep. John Bingham, stated the following: “every human being born within the jurisdiction of the United States of parents not owing allegiance to any foreign sovereignty is, in the language of your Constitution itself, a natural born citizen.” (Cong. Globe, 39th, 1st Sess., 1291 (1866))”. However, no where in the actual wording of the 14th Amendment does it define “natural born”. Those two words were purposely omitted. In other words, US citizenship status may be achieved by being born on US soil. It is not just your place of birth that grants you natural born status. This unique attribute requires consideration of the citizenship of your parents also. Given the intent of the framer of this amendment, Obama would not meet the requirement.

The birth certificate, travel records, and college records are merely distractions. They could, however, cast an iron-clad case regarding his citizenship status that would, without dispute, put an end to this mess making it a little less uncomfortable explaining to the masses why someone so popular must be removed from office. Even then, I believe that the Obama loyalist would pitch a fit and want Article II revised retroactively or ignored as being outdated & old fashioned. But it doesn’t work that way.

The Constitution was not put into place for government or the people to pick and chose what parts they want to follow depending on when it’s convenient or not. It was put into place for the citizens to protect them from government. The Justice department was put into pace to ensure that those protections are followed through. The idea that a citizen would lack standing is just plain stupid. If you Obama loyalist really feel that Article II is old fashioned, it can be changed/modified/eliminated, but not retroactively and not for the sake of one man’s popularity.

Regarding the cries for the need of leadership: Is this really what you want or is this just another way of saying, “I want my socialism and I want it now, no matter what the cost!”? This type of attitude makes me sick. The greatness of this country was built on a foundation of laws, not men. Yes, the Constitution of the United States IS that important. The idea that we might abandon this founding principle for the sake of one man’s accent scares the hell out of me. Your idea of leadership is the main ingredient of what cults are made from.

Should the SCOTUS actually review this case or any of the others mean that it’s over for Obama? Not necessarily. The SCOTUS could get creative and somehow deem him an Article II natural born citizen. How they might come to that conclusion is beyond me given his dual citizenship at birth. Should they take such an action, it will be precedence that we will have to live with for years after. But whatever they do decide, it will be what it is. We as a nation will need to live with the results.

But if they did give him an adverse ruling and he did lose his job, maybe he can move in with his half brother in Kenya, at least while he gets back on his feet.


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